Our Advantages

Logistics Facilities        
& Infrastructure

Warehouses in Hong Kong

Over 80,000 sq.ft. self-rented operating warehouses and another 350,000 sq.ft. working warehouses. Another 144,000 sq. ft. warehouse in AFFC, Chek Lap Kok with truck docks capable to Handle 40’ Containers & Tractors

Modern Warehouse

"Fly King" provides efficient storage capacity for customers. Our warehouse has designated areas for pick and pack, as well as spaces to facilitate random sorting of assorted cargoes. Security and safety are the prime standards to maintain. We maximize available space by efficient use of equipment such as powerful forklift trucks and reach trucks, and by different racking with tailor-made layout design.

Such particular features, together with our years of warehousing experience, allow efficient warehouse management and effective inventory planning for our customers.

Strategic e-Logistics Management Technology

WMS System / Web Logistics System with Bar-Code Scanning & Labelling Capability

"Fly King" invests strategically in expanding resources and facilities as well as advanced technology for warehousing and logistics management. Our computerized inventory management system efficiently tracks cargoes for expedient retrieval. Whenever our customers place orders, we can assure of fulfilling them in the shortest possible time.

Stringent Security Control & Fire Prevention System

For safeguarding the security of our customers' inventory, security alarm system and automatic sprinkler system are installed in our warehouses. Besides, 24-hour guard patrol will also be regularly performed on each floor.

Vehicles Routine & Emergency Truck Maintenance Program

Quality Customer Service

Apart from integrated information technology capabilities, we also provide excellent customer services. We offer services of outstanding quality and provide operational excellence through continuous improvement in quality processes and employee training, in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.