Our Advantages

Security Measures &        
Escort Service

Advance Vehicle Anti-Theft System in ALL Company Vehicles CCTVs in ALL Company Vehicles

  • Tesor 3-Point Transponder
  • Operated Engine Immobilizer
  • PIN Secured Override System

HD CCTVs in ALL Company Vehicles

  • HD CCTVs installed at Trucks
  • 4 units of HD CCTVs at Each Truck
  • 24 Hours Control Surveillance
  • Full Monitoring of Loading & Unloading Process

Mobile Digital Video Recording System (MDVR)

  • Multi channels synchronized video recording to ensure the loading/unloading and transportation processes are fully under the coverage of the surveillance cameras
  • Large data storage capacity to ensure round the clock seamless recording of the whole distribution processes
  • Automatically report abnormal system situation to the Central Operations Control Centre. i.e. obstructions of the onboard cameras, tempering the system box or attempting to start the vehicle...etc.
  • Enable the Central Operations Control Centre to real time monitoring the distribution processes over mobile data network
  • Periodically review the video records of the distribution processes to ensure the continuous improvement for the security and efficiency of the distribution operations, aims to continuous improve our services quality.

All-Round Anti-Theft Facilities

  • Security System (CCTV with 24 Hours Digital Recording Function, Burglar Alarm System Connected to Control Centre, Access-Control by SmartCard / Registration, 24 Hours Security Guard)
  • High-Value Security Cage Compatible to TAPA Requirements for High-Value Cargoes
  • Infrared Motion Detector
  • Roller-Shutter for All Entrances
  • Iron Bar Mounted to All Windows
  • Full Compliance to Security Incident Handling Procedures

Stringent Reference Check & Employment Audit / Staff Security Enhancement Program / Contingency Rehearsal

  • Stringent Reference Check of New Recruits Background
  • Continuous Dynamic Trainings on Security Sense Enhancement

Cargo Escorting Service

  • Escort Service Safeguards Cargo Delivery to Clients' Premises